Sitges Carnival Bed Race 2017



12:00 To 13:00

Registration fee per team / bed 15 euros (subject to change)

93 8943110

Event Description

Cursa De LLits Disfressats

Casino Prado Suburense (Gumà Francis Street) in town, along the route to the finish in Plaza de España. Avoiding obstacles on the way & Hay Bails for audience protection! 

Route: Casino Prado, Francesc Guma, Jesus, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pere, Passeig de la Ribera to the finish against the restaurant Lizarran.

Sitges Meetup are attending this year, but just watching!

  • Bed on wheels
  • 5 team members
  • 1 ‘in bed!’, made with sheets, pillow & Safety helmet
  • Dressed in costumes with a common element *(motif)
  • Minors, by arrangement & accompanied by parent (consent)
  • beds to be pushed… human power only!
  • Trophies for:
    • Quickest 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    • Best bed
    • Best group costume


  • Francesc Gumà
  • Jesús
  • Cap de la Vila
  • Parellades
  • Sant Pere
  • Passeig de la Ribera
  • Bonaire
  • Sant Josep
  • Espalter i l’arribada
  • La plaça del Pou Vedre
    (Plaza de España)

Started by the Carnival Queen at Midday


1 march bed race img_67215099_1

2009 sitges bed race

Sitges Carnival 2016 program
Sitges Carnival 2016 will start on Monday 4 February with the arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes (King of Carnival) and the Queen of Carnival and end on Wednesday, February 10 with the burial of the Sardine
(Sitges Carnival official program 2016)
You come to the Carnaval de Sitges? We leave the best options for
eat in Sitges
sleep in Sitges

Argentalia restaurant offers a special menu midday Carnival CLICK HERE to see the menu
Restaurante El Secreto Nou offers a lunch and dinner menu during Carnival
Week of events in Sitges Sunset Clika here to view
Gay Sitges parties during Carnival
costumes offer a measure festa
In Festa a Mida specialized in celebrations shop we have everything you need to participate in the carnival this year, have children and adult costumes, plus a variety of accessories to complement your costume. We have special prices for larger quantities for extras or groups
In addition we provide if you need any special plug-like balloons to float or confetti.
We wait n our shop in C / Sant Gaudenci, No. 28 in the center of Sitges , on Saturday February 6 we are open

Clika here all photos of Sitges Carnival 2016 for acts
Sitges Carnival 2016
Wednesday, January 20
Presentation of Sitges Carnival 2016 at 19h at Casa Bacardi
Saturday, January 30
From 12 noon to 2, Palacio del Rey Moro (Calle d’en Bosc, 10-12) mask workshop for children with activities of the ELI batucada percussion (Small Elegibó) and Carnival with VERMUT The craft beer Sitgetana ‘. Event organized by the Association of Balls Populars Sitges.
At 6 pm , at the Theatre Hall of the Recreational Society El Retiro, Great Fifth Carnival . Gifts for all groups of Carnaval del Retiro.
At 05: 30H pm come to our beloved town shopping “Joy Happens” , play symbolist character of Santiago Rusiñol and set to music by Enric Morera.
Places truck presentation of artists:
17.30 h Cap de la Vila
18: 00h Parellades Cross street, San Josep and Bonaire
18: 30h Plaza del Pou Vedre
19: 00h crossing the Paseo de la Ribera street Bassa Rodona Bridge (Domenech)
At 7 pm, arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes in Domenech Bridge on the Paseo de la Ribera, corner of Calle de la Bassa Rodona.
At the end of the ceremony, His Majesty and his entourage made ​​a parade with the following route: Passeig de la Ribera, 1st maig, Parellades (at the junction of Parellades Bonaire will wait for the Queen of Carnival), Cap de la Vila, Major and Pl. de l’Ajuntament where His Majesty Carnival will take possession of the power and read the traditional Predicot.
At 7:30 pm, in the Frigate, presentation of the Queen of Carnival ,
At the end of the ceremony, the Queen and her entourage made ​​the following route: Passeig de la Ribera, Bonaire (at the top of the street will meet with Carnestoltes) Parellades, Cap de la Vila, Major and Town Hall.
At 10 pm in the Teatro del Retiro Hall Xatonada-BALL , attended by Her Majesty Carnestoltes and his entourage. Music by Crush .
At the same time in the Casino Prado Suburense Xatonada with Carnestoltes presence of Her Majesty the Queen of Carnival and then THE SHOW CAROUSEL “WELCOME TO LONG JOURNEY”.
At the same time in the Palacio del Rey Moro POPULAR Xatonada the spectacle of erotic stories’ Entrellençols “by the company Performing Arts’ Entwined ‘, and the visit of His Majesty Carnestoltes and Queen of Carnival. Among those attending It will divide the Gallofré, satirical and uncensored entity magazine.
Event organized by the Agrupació de Balls Populars Sitges.

Friday, February 5
From 9am Carnestoltes His Majesty, together with the Queen of Carnival and their delegations will visit throughout the day different village schools and residences, visiting children and seniors Sitges, to bring the carnival . to all corners of
His Majesty Carnestoltes invites all children in schools to prepare costumes and decorate their classrooms and schools.
During the morning: IES Joan Ramon Benaprès School Miquel Utrillo, Center Meeting Day School Escaan School Agnès de Sitges, Maria Osso School, IES Sitges and Foundation Ave Maria.
in the afternoon: School Esteve Barrachina, Pious Schools, Hospital of San Juan, Residence Magnolias, Casal Pau Casals and nursing homes Casal Caixa Penedès .
This order can be changed at the last minute.
At 2 pm His Majesty Carnestoltes and his court trying the delicious skewers Bar Izarra, the first Basque tavern opened in Sitges in the street, 22.
At 7 pm, in the Hall Prado Theatre, the carnival group Marak, invites you to the presentation of the queen CHILD , the event will be presented by the winner of GH Fresita.
– 19: 00h-23: 00h. Venice 2016 Gran Gala
Gran Gala The Venetian II begins Feb. 5 at 19: 00h in the Palau Maricel with free admission and will last until 23: 00h (voluntary contribution to Caritas) where Catering and drink will be served. (Limited places must wear dress or Venetian) ticket booking.
– 23: 00h dancing Fenice
. From 23: 00h dancing Fenice at Casa Vidal Quadras where you can enjoy a dance Venetian style with live music and dancing couples
Price Dance € 60 with a drink (limited seating 70 people, must wear Venetian style)
Purchase tickets here dancing Fenice
Compere: Giorgio Manni (the Lord of the Palace)
Sponsors: Cid Hotel, Hotel Galeon Hotel Galeon, Pepe’s corner
At 07:30 pm, Cultural Tatadú visiting the store on Main Street 26, trading partner with His Majesty.
At 8 pm, reception at the Cau Ferrat of His Majesty Carnestoltes.
At 11 pm, in the Hall Theatre Prado percussion group ELEGIBÓ SITGES present his stage show “ELEGIBÓ” With the participation of surprise guests.
At 1 am, in the Hall Theatre Prado become the HIT’S , the party REMEMBER’S HIT 80/90 with DJ JULIO POSADAS.
Saturday, February 6
From 10 am, visit to the market MUNICIPAL by His Majesty Carnestoltes and Queen of Carnival with their delegations.
At 11:30 am at the Cap de la Vila, the entourage of His Majesty, with the collaboration of tears and Panxamplas , encourage the pre-race time of beds and the passage of participants through the square, with its traditional joy and good humor.
At 12 noon in front of the gardens of the Casino Prado output Bed Race disguised SITGES with the starting shot of the Queen of Carnival and child Reina and participation of honor, closing the race or not, His Majesty Carnestoltes and his entourage.
The route of the race of beds is as follows: Casino Prado, Francesc Gumà Jesus, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pau, Passeig de la Ribera, Sant Pere, Parellades, Bonaire i Passeig de la Ribera to the height of the Restaurant Eguzki Lizarran . After the race, His Majesty will reward the winners.


Casino Prado Suburense

Carrer de Francesc Guma, 6, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

93 8943110


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Sitges Carnival Bed Race


10:00 am To 11:00 am

Cursa De LLits Disfressats Casino Prado Suburense (Gumà Francis Street) in town, along the route to the finish in Plaza de España. Read more…