Sitges Gran Gala de Venecia Ball

Sitges Venetian Masquerade Ball

The Grand Gala of Venice often held at the Palau Maricel in Sitges

Dress Code: Vintage costume or label, essential mask

  • XVIII century Venetian ball (Gala)
  • Participants wear masks and if possible, venetian attire
  • At the start of Sitges Carnival
  • Part of the proceeds go to charity
    (Caritas Association helping the needy)
  • Live performance shows with singers and orchestral music
  • Either a dinner or buffet
  • From 20:00 to 23:00 or a little later
  • Mask and costume contest
  • The Queen of Carnival and the Carnestoltes visits
  • Cloakroom service

By Giorgio Manni (the Lord of the Palace)
Sponsored by the group Hotel El Cid, Hotel Galeón, El Rincón de Pepe and the Hotel Platjador

Tickets Reservations:
Often from or at the Sitges shop Daniela & Cristina –
Calle Jesús 32, Sitges. Tel. 628 272 966


EDITIONS OF GALA: 1st 2015/2nd 2016/3rd 2017/4th 2018/5th 2019/6th 2020